Sunday, December 10, 2017


I'll bet the little mouse was warm as he snuggled down for the winter in my car. He probably enjoyed the odd ride out and about as I drove him here there and everywhere, in style, maybe even as far as Dallas on occasion.

David found the two nests purely accident. I was complaining about a strange sound coming from the steering; a sort of whining sound. After I did a little research on possible causes I decided it was either transmission or steering related. David checked the steering fluid. It was low. He then went to check the transmission fluid and came across this mass of finely shredded material. Among it a few acorns, a paper napkin, some finely shredded pieces of one of my frost cloths. But the bulk seemed to be a pale colored insulation. I recalled how some years ago I had had to replace the insulation on the hood of the car. Is that were it went? Or had he removed it from the walls.
We decided that the nests were old ones. No scurrying sounds or the hasty retreat of a mouse. Maybe made some years ago so I am not packing him off into the cold. If he is still around he has probably found another cozy corner in some other part of the garage. Once time, it was in the back of a refrigerator-long gone. Then there was the mouse that shredded all the top fuzzy material from a self watering tray. He then made a nest in a plant pot on the shelf. Industrious little devils but I have to say I don't like them doing their business in the corners of the wall and they are also carriers of the Hanta virus, so we don't encourage them to come inside the garage.
If anyone has not seen the movie Mousehunt I thought it was good for a laugh, although it didn't get the best ratings.

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  1. What an intrepid mouse! Maybe you facilitated his relocation to Dallas or parts unknown.